Els Pets

19 - 27 August

Santa Clotilde Gardens, Lloret de Mar


Els Pets return with the brightest album of their career.

Els Pets return with a punch on the table. It is 1963, a captivating, electric and brazen album, a new work full of catchy melodies, which is clearly committed to a sharp and resounding guitar pop, a collection of songs reflected in the British power pop classics but at the same time with a modern and contemporary will.

In 1963, Els Pets, with the austere and colorless production of Joan Pons, make a clear sonorous commitment to adult optimism, short and direct songs without any kind of filler, pieces of just over two minutes with an extra point of vitality to dress lyrics that often recover the ironic and unbelieving touch of their beginnings, without forgetting this daily detail full of sensitivity that characterizes them.

Listening to these new songs, it is clear that the Tarragona trio has not allowed itself to be lulled by the prizes and awards of recent times and that it has decided to weave a sound antidote to the gray color of the pandemic, a musical plea for the desire to live and for the good times that must surely come.